Are My Career Moves Hurting My Kids – Part 3

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In my final post for this mini-series I’d like to encourage those of you who are helping your children make the transition to a new environment to be sure to find or build community in a very intentional way.

I will always appreciate the warmth, fellowship and love we shared with the tiny church we joined in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, all those years ago.


Not only did we find people who made us feel welcome, but folk who became like family when we truly needed it. We had to drive 40 minutes from where we lived, but it was worth every mile when I remember the energetic worship services, church dinners, and conversations in the parking lot that warmed our hearts and filled our lives until we could return the following week.

My children found friends, mentors and even surrogate grandparents who loved them and poured into their lives as though they were blood kin. We were able to find community which sustained us while living so far removed from our families.

You need people in your life who share your values and who can hold your hand when the going gets rough. Friends who can pray with you for a breakthrough when you see no way out. We were fortunate in every move we made to find churches where we could connect and many of those friendships have blessed us to this day.

I hope something I have shared will be of help to you in your family move and I encourage you to share your experiences with others you know who are going through the same situation. The sharing in and of itself can be a tremendous benefit to you as well as others as you recount and reflect on what you have gone through, how you got over and the blessings you encountered on as a result. Sometimes we have to step out on faith and seize the opportunities before us.

As daunting as this may seem, you never know what victories may lie on the other side for you and your family until you dare to take the first step!

See you next week!

~ Dr. Marta


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