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The Big Ceremony

Ever wonder what weddings are like around the world? Well join Cheta as she explores the colorful walk down the aisle Nigerian style!

Winners of the “Leave A Comment Challenge” Announcement

A special thanks to all of you who left comments on our blog during our launch promotion.  In appreciation for your spending a little time with us and sharing our mission and purpose with your social networks, the following individuals will each receive a free promotional Ask Dr. Marta Treasure Basket complete with a Literacy…

Boundless Grace

Grace wants a father like the ones she makes up in her head from fairy tales. But when a letter arrives from her real father the world Grace has created is about to change!

Comment For A Chance To Win

How many of you have found new book titles on Ask Dr. Marta to add to your little ones Christmas pile this year? We want to hear from you. Leave a comment on before midnight (Eastern Daylight Time) on December 18, 2016 and you will be entered in the contest for a free prize!…

Creation-My Father Loves Me

A refreshing story of the creation told from a point of view reflective of Africa and in honor of the many orphans on the continent and around the world who long to feel their father’s love.

Delightful Tales From the East of Africa for Young Children

Have you ever heard anyone refer to Africa as a country or make statements as though Africans have a homogeneous culture?  My husband and I worked very hard when raising our children in the United States to make sure they were exposed to the beautiful diversity of the cultures of a variety of African nations. …