Dr. Marta’s Literacy Learning Guides 

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MCESS is committed to the use of quality children’s literature to promote the ability, enjoyment and interest in reading among children. While children’s literature pre-dates the digital world, it is being under-utilized to promote reading in places where children spend substantial time. This is in part because many adults charged with the care and instruction of children lack practical instructional tools to tap into the power of children’s literature to meet children where they are and lead them to where the need to go. 

Dr. Marta’s Literacy Learning Guides are instructional tools designed to assist adults (ie. child care providers, parents and/or teachers) to access the power of children’s literature to promote reading. Each literacy learning guide contains seven activities in lesson plan format. The activities are designed to provide multiple opportunities for children to process vocabulary, events, themes and concepts drawn from the  selected children’s book. The literacy learning guides encourage children to use all five senses to draw meaning from the text as they develop attention span, retention, comprehension and critical thinking skills in preparation for more complex tasks.

Dr. Marta’s Literacy Learning Guides focus on children between three and seven years of age and are currently available for purchase on; KEYWORD: “Dr. Marta D. Collier”.


Block City by Robert Lewis StevensonCat On The Bus by Aram KimChugga-Chugga Choo-Choo by Kevin LewisCity Shapes by Diana MurrayCommunity Soup by Alma Fullerton
Green Is A Chile Pepper: A Book Of Colors by Roseanne Greenfield ThongMighty, Mighty Construction Site by Sherri Duskey RinkerSlowly, Slowly, Slowly Said The Sloth by Eric CarleThe Three Little Rigs by David GordonFlower Garden by Eve Bunting
This collection consists of 10 separate units and 70 standards based lessons and activities for early learners.

Custom Solutions for Early Childhood Educators and Parents


M.C.E.S.S. offers custom services to aid early childhood educators and parents in facilitating learning in both formal and informal environments.  These services are designed to save educators and parents time in hunting for effective resources to encourage learning and discovery in their students.  If there is a particular custom solution that you would like our help, please book an appointment HERE or email info(at) and we will be happy to set up an appointment.