Boundless Grace


Grace wants a father like the ones she makes up in her head from fairy tales. But when a letter arrives from her real father the world Grace has created is about to change!

WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK: Many children deal with the issue of absent parents and the emotional challenges of reconciling the lack of presence in their lives. Mary Hoffman provides a gentle yet instructive take on guiding a child through the process of understanding and acceptance of parents who don’t live under same roof. Grace has created fathers in her mind to fill the space made by her parents divorce. However her Papa desires a place for her in his life and takes steps that will bring Grace face to face with a new reality and a second chance for Papa. Caroline Binch captures the energy and beauty of the African landscape and cultural connections that bind us as families. Parents and teachers will appreciate the benefits of this simple yet powerful story to plant seeds to cultivate understanding and reconciliation that will hopefully grow into loving relationships.

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