DESCRIPTION: Bookmobiles often roll on wheels but sometimes they travel on four legs. Read a story about a dedicated librarian who brought the library to the children on the back of a burro!

WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK: The real life story of Luis Soriano Bohorquez and his heroic efforts to connect children in rural Columbia with books is beautifully told in this powerful tale from author Monica Brown. Ana loves books and learning. But her teacher is gone and her village is out of reach for trips to the library. However, the sound of burro hooves ignites excitement as the library comes to the community in a most unusual way. John Parra’s poignant illustrations portray the appreciation that neighborhoods like Ana’s felt for courageous librarians who found the will and the way to connect children with books. I no longer take for granted the easy access many Americans have to such resources as full service and accessible libraries. Share this story to teach that same appreciation and to inspire another generation to see problems not as obstacles but as opportunities to do something great!

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