Do You Need A Parent Collective?

🏝 Are you a preschool parent who feels like you’re marooned on Gilligan’s Island?


😩📝 Are you struggling to keep up with endless worksheets disguised as homework and stressing when your preschooler rebels?


😥 Do you find yourself unable to name one other parent in your child’s class?


📲 Do you wish you had a phone number to call to confirm a school directive or message that was garbled or completely lost between school and home?


😫💬 Do you have a question or concern about some issue at your child’s school but feel your have no one to talk to who would understand?

✅ If you answered any of the above questions with, “Yes,” then it maybe time for you to consider forming a parent collective to boost your network and increase your access to information, resources and new family friends united in the common purpose of helping your kids.

1️⃣ Begin by securing the names and phone numbers of parents who give you a good vibe at orientation and open house meetings.

2️⃣ Follow up by sending a text or making a call to break the ice and begin communicating.

3️⃣ Find out the birthdays of the children of the parents you contact and offer to help out at school parties and invite them to your child’s party as well. These gatherings are not only fun for the kids but also great for parent networking.

4️⃣ Gather information to see what other activities or interests your families may have in common that present additional opportunities for fellowship and bonding.

5️⃣ Explore setting up carpools, playgroups and many other effective structures for information exchange and building relationships.

6️⃣ Finally, the biggest advantage may well be the formation of support groups that can lend a hand, listening ear or provide a word of encouragement when you need it most.

There is truly strength in numbers so if you are feeling overwhelmed, isolated and determined to get off the island, a parent collective may just be the rescue boat you need!

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