DESCRIPTION: Sweet baskets and sweet memories bind a people together with ties that cross oceans and time to keep the power and beauty of ancient traditions alive in the hearts of generations to come.

WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK: I grew up not far from the city of Charleston and the rich culture of handcrafts passed down from people stolen from their homelands through the cruel claws of the slave trade. These baskets can be seen today through the passing down of the craft from elder to the next generation. The child in our story is blessed to experience this rich inheritance given to her from elders who recognize the importance of keeping tradition alive. As long as these precious artifacts exist we have a tangible connection to a place and time before we came to know the slavers lash; a time when we were free and dwelling in the land of our ancestors. Raven and Lewis’s collaboration keep that bridge available to future generations to remember who we were as we grow into who we are to become. Circle Unbroken is a must have for those who understand the importance of the past and that it must never be forgotten.

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