DESCRIPTION: The account of the historical contributions of Molly Williams who became the first women fire fighter in our nations’s history.

WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK: So many stories of the heroism and courage of American women have not been recorded in the annals of history and as a result go largely unknown. Dianne Ochiltree has done us all a great service in writing this story set in the 1800’s of an amazing woman who broke through the ceiling of a profession dominated then and now by men. The fact that Molly Williams was an African American makes this story even more remarkable. Ochiltree’s detailed research provides an excellent profile on firefighting in the early years of our country. Kemly’s illustrations add even more authentic appeal with brilliant colors and realistic depictions of communities and urban lifestyles of New York City. You’ll hear Molly shouting the fire warning and see her taking her place beside the other firemen as she steps up to fill the gap and save the day!

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