DESCRIPTION: Abikanile’s village is in danger and her mother is the only one of all her people who has a plan to survive. The entire village and all its inhabitants must disappear into thin air!

WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK: Many books which depict the blessings and benefits of mothers tend to focus on the care-giving and nurturing side of her role which is important to recognize and honor. However, there is much more to motherhood than often meets the eye. This marvelous tale of courage and daring written by brilliant author Ann Grifaloni tells such a tale of wisdom, ingenuity, intelligence and grit. Abikanile and her people are frightened of the impending threat of slavers but her mother keeps her wits about her and with a calm but deliberate voice rallies her people to refuse defeat and protect their freedom. Kadir Nelson’s amazing illustrations make the place and times of this story come alive with dramatic color and detail. You’ll applaud this out of the box thinking woman who like mothers around the world finds a way out when all seems lost to protect the people and home she holds most dear!

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