DESCRIPTION: A young woman who prepared for leadership all of her life ascends the throne and through her remarkable reign seals her nation’s fame in the annals of history for all time!

WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK: The remarkable ruler of the most powerful nation of antiquity is a story that all should read to understand the impact of people of color from the beginning of time. Queen Makeda of Ethiopia is known from biblical texts in relationship to King Solomon of Israel. Ronald Harrill has produced a rich and delectable account of a brilliant woman whose intelligence, leadership and love for her people was legendary. You see the young Makeda as she develops the gifts and talents she will come to use with great skill and the love and teaching of parents who worked to pass their wisdom on to their princess. The story is wonderfully told with rich and descriptive text amplified by vibrant and luxurious illustrations. You will see a different perspective of people from the continent of African in the reception and interactions described in the historic meeting between King Solomon and Queen Makeda during her magnificent sojourn to Jerusalem. For this reason alone this book is worth the read. Drink deeply from the sweet water well of this incredible story and be sure to pass it on!

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