DESCRIPTION: Ever had toys that didn’t come from the store but were twice as much fun!! Check out this story of a boy from Malawi who could work magic with his hands and the stuff other people threw away!

WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK: America’s children have been criticized for losing their creative edge as they spend more and more time with digital devices and store bought entertainment and less time involved in hands on authentic experiences. This well written story by Karen Lynn Williams and realistic depictions by Catherine Stock teach an important lesson in what stimulates creativity and the positive results. Kondi is collecting materials to build a special toy and is also making key trades with his friends and neighbors to secure all of the things he will need. His story highlights the value of recycling and seeing the potential in stuff that other people consider junk. Many schools today are installing “tinkering spaces” to get kids using their imaginations and ingenuity to stimulate the development of new ideas and devices. Use this story to inspire the Kondi’s in your world and watch the creative juices flow!

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