Beatrice’s Goat


DESCRIPTION: An Ugandan family receives a goat that will change life for the better and make a girl’s dream of education come true.

WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK: Beatrice Biira is a true success story. The nine year old girl depicted in Page McBrier’s story has now grown into an proud young woman with undergraduate and graduate degrees from a prestigious college and university in the United States. She currently works for Heifer International in New York as a community engagement coordinator helping to supply goats to other families like her own. As a student, Beatrice became a spokesperson for Heifer International and traveled the country speaking constantly about her personal triumph and the role played by Magisa, the goat that changed her life. This is an extremely motivating story for anyone but particularly women and girls who feel crippled by poverty and see no way out. Beatrice clung to her goal of obtaining an education and through hard work on the part of herself and her family achieved more than she could have ever dreamed. Hilary Rodham Clinton became one of Beatrice’s biggest fans writing the afterword for this book where she challenges each of us to support efforts that “provide resources, educates families and lifts the community spirits.” We see first hand how powerful the results can be when we look at the path traveled by a nine year old Ugandan girl with the help of a goat and in Beatrice the heart of a champion!

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