Summer Enrichment Program

2019 Summer Enrichment Program


Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) is an initiative designed to show adults who are responsible for the care and education of young learners how to help children sharpen their abilities to read, think, write and experiment with new materials and ideas in a creative, fun and developmentally stimulating environment.  We believe in hands on active learning to be the natural and most effective way for children to explore, comprehend and master new ideas, concepts and skills. This approach motivates students to focus in ways that encourage deeper engagement, comprehension and intellectual growth. SEP also respects and promotes ethnic diversity and cultural competence in its materials and strategies insuring that participants will be able to see themselves in the curriculum and feel empowered and inspired by each component.

SEP participants will be able to:

Engage in read aloud sessions focusing on quality children’s literature that respects and reflects ethnic diversity;

Participate in enrichment activities related to the stories that extend the learning and facilitate critical thinking;

Engage in project based learning opportunities that summarize key aspects of the highlighted literature component, facilitates creativity and innovation and builds connections to multiple areas of curriculum.

SEP sessions will be held on Saturday mornings from 10:00 a.m. to noon and are designed for parents to have the opportunity to learn alongside their child(ren) in real time. Each session is designed with a different literary focus and accompanying enrichment and extension activities. SEP consists of four 90 minutes sessions with dates to be determined in consultation with the families and the M.C.E.S.S. staff.  If you are interested register on our website at “Summer Enrichment Program”.  Enrollment will be limited and a deposit will be required to secure spots for the 2019 SEP.  Please direct all questions to and include Subject Line: Summer Enrichment Program.