Max Space Transformations


Max Space is a service provided by M.C.E.S.S. designed to empower adults to create learning spaces that equip children to make sense of the world around them. These spaces develop skills that promote confidence, persistence, critical thinking, creative problem solving and self-regulation.

The arrangement and design of the physical space plays a key role in setting the stage for and supporting learning that is effective, sustained, transformative and enjoyable. A classroom that has been prepared for learners is welcoming, engaging, developmentally appropriate, inclusive and allows freedom to learn through exploration and discovery. Max Space shows how existing spaces in schools, homes, community centers etc. can be repurposed to enhance learning by making more effective use of existing equipment, furniture, and space as well as guidance in acquiring additional equipment and materials to further enhance and strengthen your program outcomes and operations.

If you are ready to expand and enrich your teaching and learning spaces to provide even greater opportunities for your children to become the best they can be, contact us at info@AskDrMarta.comSubject Line: Max Space Transformations”. We look forward to working with you!